Distraction blocking

The odds are stacked against you when battling digital distractions.

Everything and everyone is fighting for your attention.

Take back control and create the space you need for focus and peace of mind.

Personalised blocking settings

Create customised groups of blocked apps, websites, notification settings and more to fit around your daily requirements. We call each of these grouped settings a 'Spotlight'.  

You want to tackle that new project? Turn on your ‘Research mode’ Spotlight and begin blocking video streaming, inbound messages and social media (except LinkedIn, you need that for this project!).

Start a Spotlight session by inputting a duration and scheduling breaks, or simply flip on a Spotlight for as long as you need.


Rediscover the lost art of doing one thing at a time.

Being busy doesn't always mean being productive.

Your day could be filled with responding to every email as it comes in, going to unnecessary meetings or succumbing to distractions. Ultimately that leaves your 'to-do' list untouched and gets you no closer to achieving your primary goals.

Spotlight enables you to create a distraction-free space to focus on one task at a time and get into a state of flow. Many of our users say they are enjoying working again!

Just two clicks to start

Life moves quickly and so does Spotlight. Easily adapt your digital environment, whenever your day demands it.

Called into an important meeting at short notice?

Flip on the 'Blackout Mode' Spotlight in as little as two clicks through the Spotlight Google Chrome extension.

Then relax knowing there won't be any pocket buzzes, pings or email notifications popping up if you have to share your computer screen...
'Where's the restaurant tonight babe? xxxx'

Lifestyle integration

Create an ongoing digital environment custom fit to your lifestyle
Unlock the ability to be present in the moment, throughout the day
Enjoy potential distractions guilt-free by making browsing intentional
Prioritize your wellbeing

We're told to look after our mental health, but how do we navigate this modern digital age without getting negatively impacted over time?

At least 59 percent of managers constantly check their emails outside of working hours, with one in 10 taking at least one day of sick leave a year because of stress, depression or a mental health issue, with the average period off work totalling at 12 days.*

'Always on' culture is not sustainable or productive in the medium to long term and when you mix in social media factors it can become overwhelming.

Spotlight is a light-touch solution that helps you ensure you have regular opportunities throughout the week to truly 'switch off' where your schedule permits.

What is my 'digital environment?'

Who and what you can access digitally, and who and what can access you digitally at any given time.

Our calendar integration allows you to schedule Spotlight settings to kick-in seamlessly throughout your day.

For example you may have a team meeting at 11-12am on Monday mornings where 'Blackout mode' is scheduled every week. Or perhaps Thursday evening is family games night so 6-9pm weekly, so you flip on your 'Family time' Spotlight - blocking work Emails, inbound message notifications and BBC News (as you often find yourself scrolling through the articles).

A measured approach

It's common to get that feeling where it's all just too much and we need some space away from our phone and computer. The current solution is a ‘digital detox' - a period of time with no access to screens and the internet.

These can be great and leave you feeling refreshed, but they do not solve the initial issues you were having with your digital environment.

Spotlight is a sustainable, practical alternative to going 'cold turkey,’ allowing you to regulate your environment before it gets the best of you.


Intelligent feedback

  • Actionable

    Our feedback goal is to help you better understand how you work and assist you along the way.

    All of our feedback will include intelligent, actionable suggestions on how to make Spotlight work better for your lifestyle - both in and out the office.

  • Visual

    Your weekly report is delivered with charts, graphs and other visual tools to help you understand your data.

    You can use these to help create your future schedules, or dive into the analytics section and get even more granular with your workflow analysis.

Start creating space in your digital environment