Block distractions
and save one hour
a day, every day.

Spotlight is the intelligent software assistant that creates space for you to achieve deep focus and peace of mind

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    Once upon a time you could go home and no one could interfere. Now you are connected, you are always-on

     This is the first generation that has to deal with the ramifications of that

How does Spotlight work?

The tools

Distraction Blocking

Create instant space and clarity whenever you need to focus on a task. Select your 'Spotlight' (blocking settings) and go

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Lifestyle Integration

Use the integrated calendar to establish your ongoing digital environment, perhaps 'no emails and messages during my lunch breaks'

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Personalised Feedback

The intelligent software provides you with actionable visual feedback to help you succeed by understanding how you work best

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   Constantly battling digital distractions with disciplined choices leads to decision fatigue

   Spotlight is not only a tool to prevent this fatigue, it’s a holistic lifestyle solution for the modern digital age

Enjoy mental clarity

When single-tasking you’re more likely to get in a state of flow, feel less stressed
and actually enjoy the work you’re doing
Global community
Customisable Sessions
Much More
The average time a person spends on a task before being interrupted
The average time it takes for a person to fully regain focus on a task after being distracted
The average productivity increase when single-tasking vs multitasking

The Spotlight mission

Give back control

Control your digital environment, Spotlight is a sustainable, practical alternative to going cold turkey or having a digital detox
Change the culture and prioritize wellbeing

Always-on culture is damaging to mental health and is counter-productive, people need distraction-free space to be creative and focused
Understand how you work best

Understand the data from your work patterns, behaviour and workflows in order to improve your focus, wellbeing and productivity

Spotlight explore

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The science of single-tasking

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Don't just take our word for it

Our beta testers are loving using Spotlight
"Spotlight quickly made it easier to manage my distractions"
“Finally some peace!”
"I made a lot of (much needed!) adjustments after reviewing my data for the first time"
“I feel a lot calmer since I've been able to control my notifications ”

Start creating space in your digital environment