Putting happiness back into digital devices

We spend over half our life on digital devices,
Spotlight is your wellbeing interface. Stay
present, set boundaries and protect your wellbeing

Spotlight has you covered on all these platforms
Once upon a time you could go home and no one could interfere. Now you are connected, you are always-on

This is the first generation that has to deal with the ramifications of that
Create Spotlights for your life

A Spotlight is a customised experience across all of your devices that can be switched on with one click

  • Block websites
  • Edit availability
  • Divert distractions
  • Block apps
  • Filter notifications
  • Automate
Enhance any interaction

A marketplace of dynamic displays improve your wellbeing and add value to time spent on devices

  • Breathing exercises
  • Games
  • Brain training
  • Calming images
  • Skill acquisition
  • Interactive class

The New Tab page for clarity and inspiration

A new photo every day in your blissfully peaceful New Tab page

  • Website shortcuts
  • To-do lists
  • Google search
  • Calming visuals
  • Spotlight product shortcuts

Divert moments of distraction or interest to your personal feed

You may want to read a message, watch a video or read an article, just not right now! Stay in flow and save these to view later in your intelligent feed

  • Articles
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Messages
  • Emails

The future of device interactions

Enhance your interactions with intelligent dynamic displays, ranging from light touch visuals to immersive wellbeing experiences

  • New Tab page
  • Brain training
  • Breathing exercises
  • Games
  • Skill exercises
  • Calming visuals
  • Interactive classes
   Constantly battling digital distractions with disciplined choices leads to decision fatigue

   Spotlight is not only a tool to prevent this fatigue, it’s a holistic lifestyle solution for the modern digital age

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Don't just take our word for it

Our users and clients are loving using Spotlight
"Spotlight quickly made it easier to manage my distractions and my team work together so much better now"
“Our team has doubled this year and Spotlight has made sure Wellbeing is a priority during this time”
"I made a lot of (much needed!) adjustments after the Spotlight team developed a plan for me"
“I feel a lot calmer since I've been able to control my notifications and my productivity is through the roof!”
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